Information Governance, Sr. Advisor

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One of EPM's organizational objectives is to have the necessaryemployee skills and capacity to successfully develop a Continuous Improvementwork culture, including the achievement of EPM's aspirational OutstandingSuccess Possibilities (OSPs). To realize this objective, EPM created the Centerof Excellence team with a mission to develop, deploy and implement bestpractices, Continuous Improvement initiatives and process based thinking.
TheInformation Governance Specialist role will have the following coreresponsibilities:
Establish and oversee Information Governance framework within EPM.
Work with SCE Information Governance (IG) program and EPM'sspecific needs, provide guidance and leadership to manage EPM electroniccontent.
Develop policies, processes and procedures to ensure EPM complieswith Corporate IG requirements and EPM business needs
Focus on both structured and unstructured content - electronicdata, records and documents in structured database systems and electroniccontent management (ECM) systems such as SharePoint and OpenText.
Guide Information Stewards in all departments within EPM to ensureadherence to IG framework.
Implement governance requirements in Enterprise Content Management(ECM) systems such as SharePoint and OpenText
Manage/lead Information Governance projects across entire EPM.
Implement processes and best practices for managing accessprivileges across various systems in EPM.
Assess, monitor and provide analytical reports on compliance withCorporate IG requirements.
Define and implement meta-data taxonomy to realize benefits ofElectronic Content Management Systems such as SharePoint (Portal, Team Sites),OpenText.
Workwith the technology team in EPM, recommend improvement opportunities for EPMKeepup with emerging trends in Information Governance and develop/refine bestpractices within EPM.

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